Offering custom hard and soft wood milling services.

Rougher is better.

Contractors, woodworkers and hobbyists prefer rough sawn lumber for any number of reasons. Mainly because it is better quality, thicker, more cost effective, priced on actual size, and allows the skilled craftsman a bigger margin for error.

Crazy Horse Lumber Company stocks rough sawn dimensional boards, siding, and beams. We also offer special sizing of lumber to meet your needs. Widths from as small as 1″ to 30″. All of our materials can be cut to custom lengths to meet your needs.

We can handle any size order that you may need for your project. Our premium quality lumber can be sold green and ready for you to use right off the mill.

Want a finished product? Our “purpose-built” facility allows us the capability to kiln dry, manufacture, finish and store an extensive array of products for the end user.

You dream it. We cut it.