Crazy Horse Lumber Company’s many services start with custom saw milling of pine and hard woods such as white oak, red oak, poplar, hickory. We are proud to offer custom sawing, logging and straight-line sawing.

We have an on site kiln for controlled drying to 5 to 6%, to ensure that your rough sawn lumber can be used for fine furniture grade projects. Since the shrinkage occurs prior to processing the wood into a finished product, kiln dried lumber is more stable. The result is a product that is easier to install and does not give post-installation problems as with standard air dried wood products.

Got Wood? Perhaps you have your own timber, a special heirloom tree on family property, or even a storm ravaged trees that you wish to salvage. Crazy Horse Lumber Company can assist you in evolving the wood into something special to enjoy for generations to come.

We make it easy. We offer pick up, delivery, and shipping. We can handle any size order that  you may need for your project.